At Soulpod we believe
good health and wellness is a choice



Soulpod is a health and wellness centre, dedicated to treating and enhancing the health of our patients throughout all stages of their life. We value providing the highest quality support, education, treatment and care.

When you walk through our doors you will instantly be embraced with a natural sense of warmth, safety and support.

Our integrated and holistic approach encompasses treatment on three levels.
We treat the root cause of a condition by addressing the physical, mental and emotional state of a person. It is when all three entities are considered and addressed that true healing begins.

We have 3 pillars of health that are the focus of our practice:

Exhaustion &
Stress Management

tiredness, excessive worry,
anxiety and stress all of which can lead to burn out.

Fertility And
Menstrual Issues

including preconception care for woman and men, on going support throughout pregnancy, post natal and baby health, IVF support, menstrual issues throughout the life cycle
including menopause.


inability to fall asleep,
stay asleep,

or feel refreshed after a
full night of sleep.

Each of those troubles impact other systems of the body, commonly leading to:

  • headaches
  • depression
  • musculoskeletal pain
  • digestive troubles
  • irritable bowels

Many patients arrive at SoulPod after a long struggle with chronic conditions or health challenges and are relived to finally feel heard. These patients may have already undergone various examinations and tests including multiple appointments with doctors and specialists, often resulting in in-conclusive diagnoses and unsuccessful treatment.

About the Space

SoulPod was created initially with a seed of thought, and bought to life soon after. It was recognized there was a need for a tranquil multi-modality clinic; where a space can be held for those struggling with personal challenges and others to check in and maintain their good health, amongst a like minded community. Our treatment rooms are tranquilly located around a central circular courtyard garden, where you could even spot a yabbie in the pond. We boast a large heritage space where a variety of health promoting activities including meditation, mindfulness and nutritional and lifestyle workshops are held; all under the one roof.

The focus of our Soul Space

Our boutique studio is where our health promoting group gatherings, classes and workshops are held. We strongly believe that keeping class sizes small creates a more personalised experience in a comfortable and relaxed environment.