SoulPod packages offer a natural approach to health and wellbeing. Our experienced team have collaborated to create four amazing packages to address common concerns we often see in the SoulPod clinic.

Each program will address dietary changes, nutritional deficiencies, stress reduction and immune system enhancement to reach your desired health goal. Nourishing therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, kinesiology, massage, meditation and mindfulness classes are some of the therapies that may be incorporated into your packages.

Stay tuned as we continue to add a variety of packages here for you.





Cleanse, Detox and Re-energise Package

Feeling sluggish and exhausted? Or perhaps bloated and cloudy headed? Maybe tired but wired when it comes to sleep time? Or an increasing frustration with dieting, calorie counting or restricting too many food groups? We see these patterns every day in our clinic, which is why we have created a unique and successful approach to feeling lighter, leaner, clearer and energised.


This is not a “diet”. It’s a holistic approach to reclaiming your health. Each program is tailored to suit your individual constitution, alongside weekly supportive treatments.

In-fact it’s so personalised that you will learn more about yourself over the 6 or 12-week journey than you thought was possible. Improving your health naturally leads to a more fun filled life in all areas including self -esteem, relationships, career, with an innate gratefulness for life itself.