Vitamin D deficiencies are extremely common.

As Melbourne now ‘returns to the office’ it’s a great time to think about your diet and sun exposure- are they supportive of healthy vitamin D levels? If you have fatigue, muscle weakness or cramping, depression or bone pain it might be worth getting your levels checked.

Vitamin D strengthens our immunity.

Adequate levels are protective against common viruses and infections all the way to autoimmune conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. Vitamin D deficiency can manifest osteoporosis, an increased risk of cardiovascular and liver disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

Vitamin D is metabolised in the kidneys.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective it is said that vitamin D is a marker of Kidney function, in particular, the ability of a persons yin energy to anchor the yang energy of the sun. If you have low vitamin D levels yet feel your sun exposure and dietary intake are sufficient, you could be experiencing an absorption issue.

Ensure you are also getting enough magnesium too, as its required for the metabolism of Vitamin D.

Nat, the mother of SoulPod always recommends getting outside!

The best way to boost your vitamin D is with 10minutes of direct sunlight on your skin each day. Its best to do this in the afternoon when the sun is low to avoid harsh UV rays.

UVB rays combined with vitamin D rich foods such as eggs, red meat and oily fish will keep your immune system and bones strong.