If ever you could invest wisely, wouldn’t it be in yourself, or your greatest wealth; your health?
We spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week with ourselves, so wouldn’t it be wise to understand why we think, act, feel, behave, experience, perceive and believe the way we do?

We all know of the Myers-Briggs personality test, which has helped businesses everywhere build teamwork amongst employees. The DiSC test is also popular amongst the likes of Tony Robbins and Richard Branson. It helps individuals to understand and identify their own traits which in turn allows them to adapt their behaviours with others.

The Five Element system is not so well known, however, is by far the oldest, dating back to 3000-4000 years ago. The Five Elements helps people empower themselves and engage with others in a way that is immediate, practical, compassionate, potent, and lasting.

Chinese physicians and scholars theorised that the universe is composed of forces that include Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal – the five elements. They proposed that human behaviour, emotions, and health are also influenced by these elements. If we understand these elements, we can use them to stay in balance physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally – or to return to balance after unhealthy living, illness, stress, or other disturbances.

If you’re still not sure, see if this sounds familiar-
Have you ever been friends with someone and they remind you so much of someone else, but not their looks, it was their persona, stature and character?
This is because they are probably the same element in Chinese Medicine. Its kind of strange that it can be so clear cut, however, it really is. We all possess the dominant trait of one if not two of the elements which can be reflected in our behaviour, character trait, body type, emotions and energy. It can be really helpful to recognise element types as it helps you communicate better and understand both your strengths and weaknesses.

Some examples could be;

  • Longish face/heads with defined cheeks and jaw
  • Loves to talk, and really important to get their opinion heard
  • Likes to be in control and can be easily irritated or restless, and can often have a short fuse
  • They can be very rigid in nature when out of balance  – not easy persuaded and their body composition also displays rigidity
  • Their body type is more taut and lean with defined muscles and often complained of
  • Often suffering from headaches through the temporal region or neck and jaw pain
  • Assertive and loves to grow and shine, don’t like feeling idle
  • Great person to have in business as can be super organised
  • Can be very creative and very passionate
  • Likes to bend the rules, doesn’t like boundaries

We can help you determine your dominant element. No time like the present to get to know yourself!

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