The keys to happiness have been deliberated and argued over across the centuries by philosophers, prophets and academics. Many theories have risen during this time, some complex, some simple and yet the quest for happiness is always beckoning us to strive for something more.

I too have pondered this question and today I will divulge what I believe to be the Ultimate Key to Happiness. But before the great reveal first I need to you think about this!

All of our time can be categorised into 5 Areas of Life: Health, Career, Finances, Relationships and Spirituality. Now what we put under each category will vary from person to person and some activities overlap into more than one area. In my case when I make time to meditate I consider that a Health activity but it is also building my Relationship with myself and hence forth and expression of my Spirituality…and then if it happened to be an Abundance mediation, I would also be enabling my potential to attract more clients, which then feeds into developing my Career and Finances.

These days I often hear people saying “I just don’t have enough time for this or that” but what if it’s not about making more time but making different life choices and choosing activities that cover over multiple areas like in my example above. One of the main reasons that people don’t do this is they are unknowingly governed by The Law of Diminishing Returns.

Now the Law of Diminishing Returns is commonly a fundamental principle of economics but if we get a little creative, we can certainly apply it to everyday life. The Law of Diminishing Returns states that there comes a point were investing more resources into a project after a certain level of performance has been reached, will result in a decline in effectiveness. A common scenario of this at play in everyday life is working long hours in your job or business. Yes you might be growing your Career and Finance circles rapidly but is that at the cost of Health, Relationships and Spirituality…often that answer is Yes!

So with all that in mind I believe the one philosophy to rule them all is: The Ultimate Key to Happiness is BALANCE. If you can cultivate balance across the 5 areas of life I assure you that happiness will become part of your experience. And every day in my role as a Kinesiologist I facilitate that balance in people’s lives and I watch it make all the difference and in turn find my own version of happiness, in the serve of others.