Did you know that our hormones are chemical messages? Sometimes the wrong message is sent because our body thinks we are in danger, so it up-regulates our nervous system, which in tern creates a ripple effect of the wrong hormones being elevated. If we are constantly busy, always on the go, using coffee as a stimulant, and not sleeping well, it only makes sense that the body believes there is a danger so hormones are sent in all directions.

It can be increasingly frustrating when we are told blood tests look “ok”, so you must be “fine”. We all have the intuitive ability to listen to the body, when we feel something is a bit off, it most likely is. This is an extremely common situation where woman are often prescribed a medication to quieten down the symptoms. Symptoms will only reduce for so long before they present as a new symptom. Both signs and symptoms are a message to you from your body saying “excuse me attention please” and more than likely some inner engineering needs to take place.

So where to from here?

Begin to take more notice of different signs or symptoms and when they present. For example if you are suffering with palpitations, take notice if they are during the day or only at night? Are they painful or light flutters? Do they cause anxiety, or do you feel anxiety before the palpitations? Do they occur after coffee, alcohol or chocolate? How long does it last? Do you get shortness of breath also? How many weeks, months or years have you suffered with it?  

The more information we can extract, the easier it is to identify the main trigger, which leads to quicker results resolving it.

Once you have gathered all your info, or if that sounds too hard don’t stress we will dissect it out of you, come in and see us at SoulPod. This is what we LOVE  to talk about all day long! In-fact we explore all 12 systems in your body, to find the imbalance and how best we can restore it for you.


If this story sounds familiar and your ready to make some rapid changes, phone us or make an appointment online. We are giving away a free bag of Magnesium salts for the next five lucky ladies (only applies to new faces) who step through our open doors.


P.S – Magnesium is the best mineral for both acute or chronic heart palpitations.