We have all met someone who pretty much had a sip of water and became pregnant. It’s certainly not what you want to hear when you have been trying for months or years to conceive a baby. 

If you are the later type and have had troubles conceiving, before you head down the path of Dr’s, specialists and hospitals, consider this question: have you really exhausted all other avenues first? 

For some of you the answer is yes, and that is why we are lucky to have medical intervention and assistance when it is required. However sometimes we just don’t know what else to do other than go to the local G.P who sends you onto a fertility specialist. From there on usually a drug or two is prescribed and if no luck from there you may move onto synthetic hormones and injections.  

We totally support all our couples who are on this path, however we know we could be of significant assistance during this process or certainly even before this last step is investigated. 

It is far too often we see couples come to the clinic with poor health, high stress jobs and wanting to start a family yesterday.  The more stress and urgency emphasised on becoming pregnant creates an even bigger cycle of despair. 

One thing that we do know for sure is that trying to conceive ends up becoming a very stressful process, in fact many articles and studies have suggested infertility is become a world wide epidemic. 

We are witness to seeing many woman who have “tried everything” yet are running on pure adrenaline and have nearly lost all hope. This type of energy alone can cause difficulty in conceiving, and often those who are in this mode are unaware of it being the biggest contributing factor. It’s amazing what miracles can happen when we change the tempo and implement a few tweaks to out mind, body and spirit.  

To help you know what action to take for your individual case; we have a passionate team who can offer you guidance and support to both couples and/or individuals.  There are many stages to this journey, so together we can change your inner biology gearing towards your desired goal.

Some key areas that we discuss in our initial consultation include: 

  • diet and nutrition of both parties involved
  • medical history including illness’s, surgeries from both sides
  • supplements, vitamins or herbal formulas
  • blood tests and sperm analysis 
  • scans/ ultrasound results 
  • IVF treatment protocols. 

Our services include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology, and Diet therapy.