Understanding ovulation and your menstrual cycle can be like learning a new language, and the signs and symptoms of your body is a language like no other. If you are in tune with your body it’s an easier lesson. However, if you’re used to disguising pain and discomfort with medication and have not connected symptoms such as headaches, mood fluctuations, or bloating to your cycle then you’re in for a mind blowing discovery.

At Soulpod Health & Healing, we have hormone gurus that can help you decipher the complex signs and symptoms you present to us into a simple translation. At the clinic, we frequently see too many ladies miss the opportunity to conceive because they are too fixated by what their fertility app says rather than tuning into the bodily symptoms they’re feeling.

Phone apps such as Fertility Friend, Kindara, Glow, and Conceivable are all helpful to track the overall cycle and “predict ovulation” providing you ovulate smack bang in the middle of the cycle. In an ideal world, this is the case. However, we can assure you we’ve seen many babies conceived on either side of the mid-cycle prediction.

For example, I conceived my daughter on day 21 of a 32 day cycle. This certainly wasn’t mid cycle and if I was focusing on what my phone app said, I would have missed this window of opportunity.

The most common ovulation signs and symptoms to look out for include cervical mucus changes – this will look like raw egg white that is generally slimy and clear on the day of or just before ovulation. Symptoms can include breast tenderness, lower abdominal pain and light spotting, increased libido, and a cervix that sits higher up and with a soft opening.

The fertile window lasts around 5 days. However, there is a higher chance of conception closer to the peak fertile day. After ovulation the chances of falling pregnant the next day or two reduce significantly. At our clinic we have Chinese Medicine practitioners and kinesiologists to help you understand how your body presents itself during ovulation in order to capture those peak moments.

One thing I cannot emphasis enough is: listen to your body, that’s where the event is unfolding and therefore where the miracle happens. In this instance your phone app is not the most reliable source. Talk to one of our holistic practitioners today to see how we can help you understand the unique language of your body.