Chinese Herbal


Chinese Herbal Medicine overview 

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest medicines in the world.
 Many of todays pharmaceuticals owe credit to eastern medicinal plants as they were the building block for numerous drugs widely prescribed and used today. 
Chinese herbal medicine is a key component of Traditional Chinese medicine. It is also known as internal medicine, as opposed to acupuncture being external medicine. 
Chinese herbs have long been used to help restore harmony within the body by improving digestive function, nourishing deficiencies, repairing, rebuilding, and enhancing immune function. 
Whatever your ailment or condition, we can customise a herbal formula that is natural, safe and effective to help guide the body back to wholeness. 
 At Soulpod our herbs are easy to consume as we offer medicine in dissolvable granule form and pills. We find compliance with these methods is far greater than any traditional method of boiling up decoctions.